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See it. Touch it. Win it. A multi-platform entertainment challenge at your fingertips.

Nominee for Best Advertising Brand Integration in an Entertainment Program at the Produ Awards, 2017

Touch is a game in which gut reaction, sharp eyes and quick fingers can win prizes.
Touch is a cross media brand- a TV Game and a mobile game based on touch screens.

The game leans on a simple and visual concept “what’s wrong with this picture?”.

All you have to do is concentrate on an image or a video, identify what’s “wrong” and touch the screen where you see the error as time counts down – it’s extremely addictive, whether you are playing on your mobile at any time (offline), or while watching the show (real-time).

The rounds of the game are based on images and videos that have undergone deliberate digital editing with missing or added details, real-life pictures with an odd or illogical element or several images with one exception.

The contestants in the studio and the audience are presented with a new category each time a new visual presented. The images can be anything from scenes taken from well-known movies and TV shows, historic moments, sporting events and so on. ‎A large portion of the images relate to current affairs – from breaking news to paparazzi snaps and red carpet events. ‎

Players at home can play against contestants when the show is on air by using their mobile devices and/or independently at any time – solving daily riddles to win prizes and challenging their friends.

Touch is a versatile and multipurpose concept which can be leveraged to enhance brands, making a deeper connection with an audience and adding value to commercial partners, whether you’re a broadcaster, content producer or web portal.

Touch is based on an original concept by Ido Rosenblum which was developed with Keshet’s programming department.

Prior to the TV game and international launch, Touch began as a dual screen activity of bite-sized segments airing weekly on Keshet Broadcasting. The segments were scheduled throughout the evening slot (18:30 – 00:00) and achieved remarkable engagement results encouraging viewers to join in and play for the chance to win a prize. The game demonstrated excellent retention rates with a same day return rate of 34%, meaning that people stay tuned to the channel to await the next game.

Touch also garnered a weekly return rate of up to 62%. 89% (or 9 out of 10) of players registered and kept playing after the broadcast slots and viral growth through social media sharing extended the app’s uptake week on week. 7.4% of the channel’s viewers played the game both offline and during prime time hours too, this is a similar level of dual screen activity to Israel’s most popular prime time reality shows.



Genre: Game Show

Developed by: Keshet Broadcasting and Ido Rosenblum (BOOM!, Plan B)

Produced by: Keshet Broadcasting

KI Sizzle Reel 2016 from Keshet International on Vimeo.


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