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Every family is a puzzle. And sometimes the pieces just don’t fit.

Winner for Best Scripted Format at the C21 Format Awards, 2017

National Autistic Society’s Autism Uncut Film and Media Awards, 2017

MIPDrama Screenings International Preview, April 2016

Nominee for Best English-Language Drama Series at C21 International Drama Award, 2016

Nominee for Best Series Launch of the Year at Digital TV Content Innovation Awards, 2016

Winner of the Special Jury Prize for a European Fiction at La Rochelle Fiction TV Festival, 2016

Winner of the 2016 Autism Hero Award

The A Word is a drama series for BBC One about a messy, extended family with a child newly diagnosed with autism at its center.

More than that it is a drama about a family who cannot communicate. Not because they aren’t smart, articulate or funny, but because, like most of us, there is a gulf between their deepest feelings and how they express those feelings.

The A Word is a smart, contemporary drama full of ideas – about parenthood, about disability, about community. It is funny, audacious, raw and innovative – and in shining a light on this particular and unusual set of circumstances, it will have universal appeal for anyone who has ever been driven crazy by their family…

The A Word returns to the idyllic landscape of the Lake District where, two years on, Joe is changing. Now age seven, Joe has begun to look at the world and find he doesn’t fit in. ‘Autistic’ is a word he has heard but can’t yet understand. Different is what he feels and fears might be something bad. It is up to the whole family to help Joe make sense of who he is and his place in the world but to do that they must first be honest about themselves.

Peter Bowker’s six-part drama revisits the funny, messy, mixed up lives of the Hughes and Scott families as they struggle to do their best as parents, carers and lovers, and to work out what’s really important in the face of nothing ever feeling normal.

"Whether you have an interest in autism is irrelevant – The A Word is a masterclass in ensemble acting and scriptwriting that is as funny as it is heartrending and I simply cannot recommend it enough."
Metro, March 2016
"a programme so engaging that within its first five minutes it had me rather twittishly scribbling: "This is brilliant!" in my notes...it makes you laugh as much as it makes you cry and cringe and gasp... The A Word is about a whole lot more than just autism itself. It's about the unique bonds of family life – and how, when s*it happens, it puts those bonds to the ultimate test"
Daily Star, March 2016


Genre: Drama.

Screenplay by: Peter Bowker (Marvellous, Occupation, Blackpool).

Directed by: Peter Cattaneo (episodes 1-3), Dominic Leclerc (episodes 4-5) and Susan Tully (episode 6).

Cast: Christopher Eccleston (The Leftovers, Fortitude), Lee Ingleby (Our Zoo), Morven Christie (Grantchester), Greg McHugh (Fresh Meat), Vinette Robinson (Sherlock), Max Vento (6 year old new comer).

Producer: Marcus Wilson (Doctor Who, Life on Mars).

Production Company: Fifty Fathoms and Keshet UK.

Duration: S1: 6 X 60'; S2 6 x 60'

Year of broadcast: 2016.

KI Sizzle Reel 2016 from Keshet International on Vimeo.


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