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He gave everything for his country; his parents gave everything for theirs

Winner of 2 Israeli Academy Awards in 2012 for Best Editing and Best Photography

MICE (the acronym used to understand the motives of a spy in betraying his country: Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego) is an espionage drama/thriller. A good case officer knows how to wield the right combination of these weapons to maintain a tight psychological grip on his agent.

Two former Russian spies’ lives are turned upside down when, after emigrating to Israel and enjoying six years of normal civilian life, their former handler appears on the doorstep. Except this time he is not asking for their loyalty to their home country, but their son’s.

Eyal Gordin is keen for his parents to erase their cultural heritage and behave as Israeli natives. He has no idea that his parents were spies and has become a decorated air force officer in a high-security post. The story sees him facing an unbearable and dangerous dilemma: where must his loyalties lie? In protecting his family (who have betrayed him) or in serving the country he loves? It soon emerges that Eyal has secrets of his own, which leave him vulnerable to blackmail, and that someone very close to him cannot be trusted.

In season two of MICE the heat is turned up once again through another intense, complex and political plot. The focus is now on the second generation of the Gordin family, the brother-sister divide and their relationships with an array of complicated new characters. The aptitude of these young spies is growing as they become more experienced, more ruthless, more loyal to their causes and more of a threat to one another.

Picked up by NBC in the US and in production as “Allegiance”, for broadcast in 2015.

"This is how a series is made. Dialogues that are especially credible, well-sounding back-and-forths and excellent physical choreography make this series an excellent television project."
YNET, 2012


Genre: Drama

Created by: Ron Leshem, Amit Cohen, Giyora Yahalom and Danny Sirkin

Directed by: Daniel Syrkin

Produced by: Season 1 - Tedy Productions for Keshet Broadcasting and Yes DBS; Season 2 - Tedy Productions for Yes DBS

Duration: Season 1 - 12 x 45’; Season 2 - 10 x 45’

Available as series/format

KI Sizzle Reel 2016 from Keshet International on Vimeo.


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